How to make decisions

If you are like me, I’m sure you would have felt it hard to make decisions “on your own” at some point or the other in your life. Especially during these current transits where people will find it extremely hard to take even small decisions, let alone long term planning.

But there are so many ways to get help. We are always guided – by the angels, by the inner voice, by the Universe and by our ancestors. Jyotish and Vedas give us many techniques. There are too many to list here but some of the simple ones which I use quite frequently are listed below:
  1. SWAR YOGA: use the breath as your guide. If you have yes/no question, simply observe which nostril is active at the time question arises in your mind. If your Left nostril is active and the question was asked on Monday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, the answer is yes and if the right one is active on these days, answer is no and similarly vice versa. This is because energy of benefic planets is more active on M/W/Th/F and malefics on Tu/Sa/Su.
  2. WATCH: Check the time on your watch. Decide beforehand that if it is odd minute, answer will be yes but if it is even minute then the answer is no or vice versa but make sure you decide on which one it will be before looking at the watch.
  3. TALISMAN: Have a personal talisman with 2 sides and simply flip it but again decide before flipping which side is yes and which side is no. You can carry this talisman with you all the time in your wallet.
  4. RISING SIGN: Sometimes astrologers simply cast the chart at the time question was asked and if an odd sign is rising at that time, the answer is yes and vice versa. Again, the astrologer has to decide beforehand whether odd sign is yes or even sign is yes.
No this is not woodoo or superstition. As I said, we are constantly being guided by the Universe and angels and our ancestors. They are nudging us all the time. So when we flip our talisman or look at the watch, it is not a random flip. The angels are giving it an extra nudge to bring about the needed outcome for that particular moment for us.

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