Amavasya in Pushya

  •  MEDITATION becomes very very powerful and beneficial on this special day.
Cancer New Moon Cycle

Every 27 days, on the day of New Moon, Sun and Moon mate and give birth to a new cycle. This month’s new Moon cycle will begin in Cancer in Pushya nakshatra. Moon rules Cancer and Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. Cancer is the fourth sign in natural zodiac. Fourth sign represents our Heart, our innermost emotions, our happiness and joy. Exact birth of this new cycle takes place around 15:40 pm pacific time today.

Sun, Moon, Jupiter in Pushya – Divine Combination
Sun, Moon and Jupiter all 3 are in Pushya Nakshatra today – a very rare and extremely auspicious placement. Pushya symbolizes knowledge. The deity of Pushya is Brihaspati, the guru of the Gods. These 3 planets are “friends” in Vedic astrology. All 3 meeting in the nakshatra of Brihaspati on New Moon is like 3 spiritual friends going to the gurukul to gain wisdom.

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