Tonight: Meditation bonanza

Moon is with the moksha karaka Ketu. Moksha karaka is the one who gives liberation. Ketu is the most spiritual planet. And they are both in Pisces, the most spiritual of all the zodiac signs. Tonight, Ketu is going to engulf Moon, our mind, the manas. We call this lunar eclipse.

Add to this, Mercury is retrograde. What is a retrograde planet? It is a correction. It is finishing the unfinished business. It is again nothing but going within.

While all this is happening, Saturn and Jupiter are both exalted and Mars is in its own sign Scorpio. Mercury and Venus are exchanging signs. Mercury and Venus are both natural friends and since they are 2 houses away from each other, that makes them “great friends” in the skies right now.

All these planetary arrangements make this an extremely powerful time for meditation, especially next 12 hours or so until 7 AM pacific time on Oct 8, Wednesday.


(picture: The Awakened State blog)

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