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Sowing seeds and Bette Midler

Exact New Moon will take place on Tuesday, Jan 20 at 5:14 AM pacific time. It is taking place in the Nakshatra (constellation) of Uttara Ashadha. Uttara Ashadha literally means final victory or later victory. New Moon is a new birth. It is good for sowing seeds. And this New Moon in Uttara Ashadha will ensure that those seeds ultimately do fructify.

Sowing seeds in the middle of winter is not what farmers do. But in the quiet cold night of the winter is when we have deepest connection with the Source and communicating with our soul becomes easy.

“Just remember in the winter, far beneath the cold snows, lies the seed that with Sun’s love in the spring becomes the rose.” ~ Bette Midler

Winter Night

Are we Alone?

When I look at Moon, I am looking at many many generations of my ancestors. And they are looking back at me. We are communicating. We are one. We have been one. Always. No we are not alone in this Universe.

When I look at Sun, I am looking at Suryavanshi (one belonging to the Solar dynasty) lord Ram. I am looking at many of my ancestors. I am touching their feet with my eyes and they are gazing at me, washing away all my impurities and worries. Nothing else matters in that moment. And there is only that moment. No we are not alone in this Universe.