Glory of Hanuman

Hanuman and Ganesha are perhaps the two Gods / deities who are more powerful and cherished and loved more than any other in Hindu mythology. In this post we will look at the importance of Hanuman.

Hanuman is worshiped on Tuesdays (for Mars) in North India and Saturdays (for Saturn) in South India. Worship of Hanuman gives us protection from and blessings of the following:

  1. MARS: Hanuman is worshiped to pacify Mars. This is because Hanuman is extremely strong, courageous, fearless and powerful. He is the son of Vayu (wind). Hanuman turns negative qualities of Mars (aggression, anger etc) into positive qualities (courage and control).
  2. SHANI: Hanuman received a boon from Shani that whoever worships Hanuman will not be harmed by Shani. There are several stories related to this. In one story, Shani jumped on Hanuman’s shoulders in order to bestow the results of Sadhe Sati. Hanuman grew so big in size that Shani was about to be crushed between Hanuman’s shoulders and ceiling. Shani begged for mercy and asked Hanuman to let him go. In return, he gave this boon to Hanuman that he will never harm the devotees of Hanuman.
  3. RAHU: Hanuman is the son of wind God (pawan putra) and so Hanuman puja is also recommended for afflictions related to Rahu because Rahu is excess Vayu (wind).
  4. VISHNU: Hanuman is the closest disciple of Lord Rama, the 7th incarnation of Vishnu. Hanuman worship is also a worship to lord Vishnu, our Mind. Being the son of wind (Vayu), he has immense strength and power, he can literally move mountains. When Lord Rama’s younger brother Lakshman fell sick in the battlefield, the Vaidya (physician) told that the only herb that could save his life was Sanjeevani booti. But Sanjeevani could only be found in the Himalayas. Hanuman flew to the mountains but was unable to identify the herb. So he lifted the entire mountain and brought it back to the Vaidya.
  5. SIVA: Hanuman is said to be an incarnation of Lord Siva. When Vishnu incarnated as lord Rama (his 7th incarnation), Siva incarnated as Hanuman in order to protect and help lord Rama in his mission.
  6. SUN: Hanuman’s teacher was Surya (Sun God). No one wanted to teach Hanuman because he would not sit still in one place. But Surya (Sun) said he is willing to teach him provided he keeps moving along with him and is still able to understand the teachings. Hanuman gives immense power of concentration.

Om Hanumate Namaha!


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