The Big Night of Siva

Maha Siva Ratri (the great night of Siva). Begins Monday night 11:07 pm Pacific time, ends Tuesday evening 7:36 pm Pacific time.

SIVA: The one who lives on cremation grounds. The one who wears a mala of skulls around his neck. The one who smears ashes on his body. The one who wears Chandra (Moon) on his forehead. The one who is completely naked and detached. The one who is so deep in meditation that when Brahma sent the Lord of lust Kamadeva to distract him, he burned Kamadev to ashes with his 3rd eye.

I pray to you dear Bholenath:

  • Oh Pranava (the sound OM) let me lose myself in the Sounds of your Silent Meditation
  • Oh Nataraja (king of dance), destroy my ego with your Dance of Destruction (Tandav Nritya)
  • Oh Devadeva (lord of the lords) drown me in the Ecstasy of your Devotion
  • Oh Trilochana (one with 3 eyes), wipe my tears of joy with the warmth of your Third Eye
  • Oh Keeper of the Souls, make me a Selfless servant of all the Souls
  • Oh Ashutosh (one who fulfills all desires), dissolve all my desires in your Limitless Wisdom
  • Oh Gangadhara (Lord of River Ganga), cleanse my sinful body and mind with the pure waters of Ganges
  • Oh Mahakal (Lord of All Times), make me yours, now and for Eternity.

Har Har Mahadev !
Jai Shiva Shambho !!
Om Namaha Sivaya !!!


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