Romance, Wisdom, Silence in the skies tonight

MARS (the raw Masculine energy) is kissing VENUS (the gentle Feminine shakti) in the romantic sign of Pisces (both at 7 degrees).

MOON (the Mind) is having deep esoteric conversations with KETU (the recluse hermit, planet of Moksha), both sitting in Revati Nakshatra in the philosophical sign of Pisces.

JUPITER (the Guru) is going over some of the Shastras again that it had already mastered just to make sure it did not miss any important teachings – retro (checking things again) and exalted in Cancer (its sign of its exaltation).

MERCURY (the master of communication) is busy listening to the sounds of silence of the Universe in Sravana Nakshatra (the constellation connected with listening).

Skies Feb 21, 2015

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