Roar of a Compassionate Heart

Moon will be kissing Venus and Jupiter over the next couple of days. Moon and Venus are both connected with Bhakti and pure love. Moon is Krishna. Moon is our heart, the seat of love. Venus is the planet of love and devotion. They both coming together in the skies electrifies the environment and makes it so much easier to surrender. Any feelings of devotion and bhakti and pure love will be accentuated. No matter where we are. No matter our circumstances. No matter our beliefs and background. We all are love. There is only love. Nothing else.

And this union of Moon, Venus and Jupiter is taking place in the constellation of Magha. Magha is the royal constellation. The symbol of Magha is a throne. Paramhamsa Yogananda had his rising sign as well as Moon in Magha. So this union of these 3 benefics in the skies is not one of weak devotees. It is the union of compassionate hearts roaring like a lion longing for meeting with their eternal lover.


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