Guru meri Pooja (Guru is my worship)

“Guru is my worship, Guru is my Lord. Guru is the Ultimate Reality, the beloved God” ~ Gurumaa

Guru Poornima, the Full Moon that belongs to Gurus is on July 30 in the US and July 31 in India. Poornima (Full Moon) starts at 6:32 AM Pacific time on July 30 (Thursday) and ends at 3:42 AM on early morning of July 31.

Guru is someone who takes us from darkness to light. Without the grace of Guru it is very hard to find God. This Guru need not be a physical person. But the journey of life becomes so much easier when we do find a Guru in flesh and blood. It is through extreme good karma in the past lives that we find a physical Guru. And even more good karma to be able to sit at the feet of Guru in our lifetime.

Ramana Maharshi says that it is by God’s Grace that you think of God. That is true. But I think it is also by God’s Grace that we find a Guru. And in fact it is with the Grace of Guru that we find God. So Guru is even more important than God. Without Guru, our life is like a journey without a road map. If we have Grace of Guru though, our life is on auto pilot.

I bow down to all the Gurus I have had in my life. The only person who does more for us than our Guru is our own mother. Besides a mother, it is only the Guru who gives selflessly, tirelessly and endlessly!

Om Guruh Brahma Guruh Vishnu Guruh Devo Maheshwarah Guruh Sakshat Para Brahma Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha!

This is one of my favorite bhajans on Guru, sung by Gurumaa herself.

Jai Gurudev


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