Happy Raksha Bandhan

Moon nourishes and heals. 4th house in the chart signifies healing. Moon is the karaka (significator or “controller”) of the 4th house and hence one of the most important factors in evaluating recuperability from diseases. I took the following picture just now with my telescope. Beautiful Full Moon of the Vedic lunar month of Sravana which also happens to be the festival of Rakhi (or Raksha Bandhan) in which sisters tie a sacred thread on the wrist of their brothers and wish for their well being and brothers in turn vow to protect them.

This Full Moon is taking place in the nakshatra of Shatabhisha, which literally means a hundred physicians. Shatabhisha encourages us to embrace alternative or natural healing modalities. And this Full Moon is taking place in Aquarius. It is Aquarius where Siva drank the poison (“halaahal”) to save the creation. It is Aquarius where we reach out to the masses. It is Aquarius where we behave a little eccentric and are able to pull brilliant ideas out of thin air.

Happy Raksha Bandhan!!

Rakhi Full MoonRaksha Bandhan

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