Akshay Tritiya

  • The day when Parashuram, the 6th incarnation of Vishnu was born. He was invincible.
  • The day when Pandavas received Akshay patra from Krishna. This is the vessel which never ran out of food. Pandavas survived their exile in forest thanks to this Akshay patra. The vessel was inexhaustible.
  • The day when Sudama visited his long lost “best friend” Krishna after so many years and his life was changed forever by Krishna. His old dilapidated hut transformed into a palace. With Krishna’s blessings, Sudama’s wealth and joy was immeasurable.
  • The day when Lord Ganesha started writing the epic Mahabharata as dictated by Ved Vyasa. And Ganesha wrote non-stop for three long years until he finished writing the entire Mahabharata! Ganesha was unstoppable.
  • The only day in the whole year when both Sun (soul) and Moon (mind) are exalted (strong).

Akshay Tritiya timings for 2022: Begins May 2 @ 4:48 pm PST and ends on May 3 @ 7 pm PST.

What to do on Akshay Tritiya? You do things on Akshay Tritiya that you want to grow in your life. Give donation to the Gurus. Share knowledge, books and teachings. Start new projects, buy a new house, embark on an important journey or make plans (buy tickets) for one, start a new spiritual practice, seek blessings of the Gurus, do chanting and meditation and yoga. Plant seeds, touch the Earth, eat dosa, walk bare feet on the beach, do yagyas…Whatever makes you happy 🙂

May this Akshay Tritiya bring inexhaustible joy, health and wealth in your life.

Amit Garg

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