Happy Diwali

This is a very busy time of the year with so many changes happening, so many festivals, eclipses, and much more.

SOLAR Eclipse: Oct 25 @ 3:45 am pacific time. Few hours on either side of the eclipse, avoid doing anything. Take a shower after the eclipse. Do lots and lots of meditation during the eclipse time. Give donations after the eclipse. This eclipse is taking place in Libra in Swati Nakshatra. So if you have important planets in Libra, this eclipse will impact you more deeply. If your Moon is in Libra, then you will feel emotional and mental changes. If your Lagna is Libra, then you will feel the eclipse energy physically on your body.

LUNAR Eclipse: Nov 8 @ 3:00 am pacific time. This eclipse is taking place in the Nakshatra of Bharani. Bharani is connected with death as well as giving birth. The symbol is vulva. Deity is Yama. Check where Bharani (and Aries) falls in your chart and you may give birth to (create) some beautiful things in that area of your life.

SATURN is Stationary (Yay!). For the next 5-6 days through Oct 27, Saturn is stationary (Stambhi) at 24 degrees of Capricorn. When Saturn comes to a standstill after finishing its retrograde motion, it bestows a lot of gifts and blessings. Stuck and pending projects get moving. One can start new ventures. Legal matters may settle. See which House Capricorn is in your chart, those areas of life will blossom.

Details for 10 days of Diwali festivals (for those of you who celebrate):

  • VAAK SIDDHI Dwadashi (12th Tithi): Oct 21, 4:55 am – Oct 22, 5:35 am pacific. Great for attaining Vaaka Siddhi (purification and efficacy of speech). Worship Ma Saraswati. Say good things.
  • Shani Trayodashi / DHANTERAS (13th Tithi): Oct 22, 5:35 am – Oct 23, 5:35 am pacific. Important day for health (Dhanwantari) and wealth (dhan). Start health routines. Worship Lakshmi Ma. Dhanwantri and Lakshmi Puja Muhurata is after Sunset. Chant Shani mantras.
  • NARAK CHATURDASHI (14th Tithi): Oct 23, 5:35 am – Oct 24, 5:00 am pacific. Extremely powerful night to worship Ma Kali to ward off evil spirits and get protection. Best time for puja is around midnight.
  • DIWALI (New Moon): Oct 24, 5:00 am – Oct 25, 3:48 am pacific. Diwali Mahalakshmi pujan Muhurata is in the evening / night of 24th.
  • ANNAKOOT / New Year / GOVARDHAN PUJA (1st Tithi): Oct 25, 3:48 am – Oct 26, 2:15 am pacific. Vijaya Muhurata, good for starting a new business.
  • BHAI DOOJ (2nd Tithi): Oct 26, 2:15 am – Oct 27, 0:15 am pacific. Important day celebrated by brothers and sisters.
  • LAABHA PANCHAMI (5th lunar day after Diwali): Oct 28, 7:44 pm – Oct 29, 5:20 pm pacific. Great day for studying, starting new subjects, worshipping Ma Saraswati. Puja Muhurata is in the morning.

May you be blessed with Love and LIGHT.

Happy Diwali,

Amit Garg

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