Pressure on Aries: April and May 2023

There will be an intense transit of planets affecting the sign of Aries over the next 2 months April and May 2023.

  1. Rahu is in Aries.
  2. Saturn is aspecting Aries (3rd aspect of Saturn).
  3. Mars in Gemini is in Parivartana Yoga (exchange) with Mercury in Aries. This means Mars comes to Aries and Mercury goes to Gemini.
  4. Sun will be in Aries from mid April to mid May.
  5. This means all the malefics are influencing Aries at the same time: Rahu, Mars, Saturn and Sun.

Check out all the details below and watch the video.

This video explains all the details:

Best remedy for this transit is Hanuman Chalisa.

Amit Garg

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