Jyotish Readings (Consultations)

I offer Vedic astrology readings over Zoom or phone. We are not limited by our birth chart. We have free will. Sri Yukteswar Giri used to say that our goal in life is to transcend our birth chart. We create our own destiny. A Jyotish reading empowers us to channel our energies towards our highest potential. To book a consultation, please email me: amit @ ganesha-hanuman . com.

1) Natal Chart Analysis: Karmic Guidance

In this reading, we go over your karmic map, how your mind is wired, your Dharma, your body constitution, the opportunities and possible challenges in your path and the timing of events in your life. We discuss any questions you may have regarding different areas of life – career, relationships, education, finances etc.

2) Muhurata: Auspicious Time Selection

Starting any task at the right time ensures that we make use of the positive energies offered by the Universe to assist us in our endeavour. We look at your birth chart as well as the transits to select an auspicious time for initiating any task such as starting a journey, starting a business, selecting time for marriage etc.