Mantras & Yagyas

How to Perform a Simple VEDIC YAGYA :  Watch Video

Things needed to perform a simple Vedic Yagya: Hawan Kunda (copper pyramid), stand or base, dried cow dung (from a sattvic source), hawan samagri (mixture of herbs that are offered in the fire with mantra), Ghee (clarified butter), Camphor (kapoor), dry coconut (known as khopra) and match box.

Mantra Pronunciation

Recordings of Mantras from mantra-pronunciation classes: Gayatri Mantra. Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.


What is a Mantra? The word mantra comes from man + tra which means “protection of mind.” Mantra is something which protects our mind.

The Physics of Mantra: Mantrās are sound vibrations of a certain frequency. Therefore, only the correct pronunciation will bring the maximum of the desired effect. And since it is almost impossible to figure out the exact pronunciation by reading an English transliteration, through these sessions you will learn to pronounce any mantrā perfectly by reading it straight in Devanāgari (Sanskrit) alphabet.

Effectiveness of a mantra depends on the level of spiritual development of the person. If you are enlightened, you do not need a mantra. Every single syllable coming out of your mouth becomes a mantra. But at the same time, however imperfect we are, chanting mantra itself, helps raise our consciousness. So, the more we recite, the more we increase the effectiveness and potency and power of our mantras.

Mantras 1 - Ganesh Mantra

Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri is the Adi-Shakti – the primordial Goddess. Gayatri is the deity of Surya (Sun). Gayatri mantra is the highest mantra. Think of the rising Sun while chanting this mantra. The mantra starts with invocation of the 3 lokas (planes of existence): BHU loka (Earth plane), BHUVAH loka (solar system), SWAHA loka (swarg loka or Heaven). Swami Vivekananda gave this meaning of Gayatri Mantra: “We meditate on the glory of that Being who has produced this universe; may He enlighten our minds.”

This video helps you learn correct pronunciation of Gayatri mantra: