Su-Jok Therapy

Su means hand and Jok means foot. Developed by Professor Park Jae Woo from South Korea, this therapy is 100% safe, simple and easy to perform and gives quick results. Entire human body is mirrored on hands and feet. Activation of specific areas of hands and feet in turn stimulates the corresponding organs of the body. This stimulation is done by various methods: a) simply pressing with hand, b) pressing with a metal poking tool, c) applying various colors, d) applying seeds, e) applying small bar magnets, f) applying needles.

I am a Level II Sujok practitioner, certified by ISA (International Sujok Association) and offer sessions for clients both in-person as well as remotely.

Why Sujok?

  • Very easy to do. Sujok is one of the easiest healing modalities.
  • Very powerful. In Sujok, we directly bring balance among the Six Elements in the body. Sometimes the shift happens within a matter of minutes.
  • Works based on the intention and intuition of the practitioner and the client.
  • Safe, there are no side effects.

How Does it Work?

In Sujok we work with six Elements. Each of those Elements has a different color. Each organ in the body is a seat of one of the six Element. Based on the ailment or disease, we see which organ(s) or meridian(s) or system(s) is(are) affected and which element(s) need to be balanced. We then apply pressure or color or magnet or seeds or needles to bring that balance.