Sri Aurobindo: The Supramental Being (Aug 15, 1872)

Sri Aurobindo was one of the highest yogis of modern times. It is his birthday on August 15, the same day as his motherland India got her Independence. It was no coincidence. His teachings were so profound that it is simply not possible to comprehend them with an ordinary mind.

Divinity in his Chart: So one may ask, can we see this immense divinity shine through his birth chart? Besides a beautiful Saraswati Yoga (poetry) and exalted Jupiter in Lagna (grace of Guru), there are two additional, very clear indications of his esoteric potential: 1) Dharma of Ketu is in the 4th Bhava of moksha and 2) Moon is in the Nakshatra (constellation) of Moola. His Ketu and Moon gave him access to the deepest and highest realms of consciousness and Reality. Moola constellation is literally the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

I have no faculties to summarize or write a commentary on his profound teachings. So I have given here my favorite snippets from his books The Life Divine, The Psychic Being and Synthesis of Yoga about two very fundamental concepts to his teachings known as Supermind and Triple Transformation.

Supermind: this refers to the necessary conduit, mediator or connection between satcitananda (truth-consciousness-bliss) and the manifest creation. It is a plane that resides between the “upper hemisphere” of pure being and consciousness, and the “lower hemisphere” of life in the universe (mind, life, and matter). This plane is what enables the Real Ideas of the Supreme to manifest as forms of that force in creation.

Supermind is a plane of perfect knowledge that has the full, integral truth of anything. It is a plane that Man can rise to above his current limited mentality so he too can have perfect understanding of a matter that enters his mind seemingly out of nowhere through revelations of that truth. It is not only the means of creation, but a force and power that is leaning down on the earth’s consciousness, and which we can open to in order to transform the various aspects of our being, as well as instantly or very rapidly set right the conditions of life, creating sudden good fortune (“instantaneous miraculousness”) for the person opening to it.

The Triple Transformation: Ultimately, Sri Aurobindo envisioned a new race of humans who through an opening to the supramental power and knowledge have been transformed in all planes of their being, mental, vital, and spiritual, ushering in what he calls the Gnostic, supramental individual who will be the basis of a new divine life on earth. This is how he describes this process of transformation:

1) Psychic Transformation that culminates with the discovery of Psychic being (evolving soul). With Psychic Transformation, he comes in touch with an inner Guide that constantly indicates what actions to take and what to avoid. As a result of connecting to the transcendent divine, he experiences a deep pleasure and bliss, causing him to want to surrender to the Divine Will and Intent. 2) Spiritual Transformation: As a result of making the psychic change, his mind expands and he experiences knowledge not through the hard churning of thought, but through light, intuition, and revelation of knowledge, culminating in supramental perception. Light enters from the heights and begins to transmute various parts of his being. 3) Supramental Transmformation: After making the psychic and spiritual change, he makes the supramental and most radical change. The mind cannot easily perceive this possibility, as it goes beyond past spiritual principles and experiences. It is basically a complete transformation of the mind, the heart, the emotions, and the physical body. Whatever he perceives is able to manifest as a reality. The supramental transformation culminates in the change in the very cells of the body, ushering in a new form of human, devoid of the functioning it now exhibits, replaced by their spiritual equivalents. It is the ultimate transformational change. At that point, a Gnostic being is fully realized, as is a collective, Divine Life on earth.


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