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Hanuman Jayanti – the mighty, fearless & humble devotee of Shri Ram

Hanuman is a very special and unique God. The son of Vayu (wind God), the student of Surya (Sun), the incarnation of Shiva. He is CHIRANJEEVI (one who will not die and will remain in physical form on Earth for a very long time; maybe he is right here among us).

Timing of Hanuman Jayanti: Poornima (Full Moon) of Chaitra lunar month starts at 8:50 pm PDT Tuesday (April 4) night and ends at 9:35 pm PDT Wednesday night (April 5).

  • Hanuman is perhaps the only God who never got angry or upset in his entire life. Even Lord Rama gets angry when Ocean God did not give way to his vanara sena (monkey army). But not Hanuman.
  • Hanuman never gives up. No matter how big the problem. And he is fearless. He brought the entire mountain from Himalayas  to revive Lakshman. He set Lanka on fire with his tail. He jumped across the Ocean to search for Mata Sita.
  • He is the epitome of faith and devotion. He ripped his chest open and showed picture of Lord Rama and Mata Sita inside.
  • Perhaps his biggest quality is Humility. Even though he himself is an incarnation of Lord Shiva, he always calls himself tuchha (meager) servant of Lord Shri Ram.

But even Hanuman had forgotten about his super powers. Jambavan, the son of Brahma, had to remind him of his hidden potentials when they were all stuck on the edge of the Ocean.

We can chant Hanuman Chalisa and other Hanuman mantras (

May He bless us with strength, fearlessness and HUMILITY.

Jai Hanuman!!!

Amit Garg

Pressure on Aries: April and May 2023

There will be an intense transit of planets affecting the sign of Aries over the next 2 months April and May 2023.

  1. Rahu is in Aries.
  2. Saturn is aspecting Aries (3rd aspect of Saturn).
  3. Mars in Gemini is in Parivartana Yoga (exchange) with Mercury in Aries. This means Mars comes to Aries and Mercury goes to Gemini.
  4. Sun will be in Aries from mid April to mid May.
  5. This means all the malefics are influencing Aries at the same time: Rahu, Mars, Saturn and Sun.

Check out all the details below and watch the video.

This video explains all the details:

Best remedy for this transit is Hanuman Chalisa.

Amit Garg